MARTi - Metagenomic Analysis in Real Time

MARTi is a software package designed for performing real-time analysis of metagenomic samples using nanopore sequencing. If you’re not working in real-time, MARTi may still be a quick and easy analysis solution for you. And if you’re not using nanopore sequencing, you may still benefit from using MARTi to analyse your data.

You can try MARTi out at

MARTi runs on Linux and on macOS. At the moment, Windows is not supported.


The current version of MARTi is for beta testing purposes and the following are not yet fully implemented:

* Full SLURM support - implemented, but untested outside of the Earlham Institute. Get in contact if you’d like to try it!
* Centrifuge support - currently only BLAST-based analysis is supported.

Getting MARTi

MARTi is available from GitHub - see Download and installation for details.


Coming soon.

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